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Why be put into a box when you can go out in a handcrafted wood strip canoe?
Phoenix Boatworks
Canoe Caskets
Meet the Artist : Dennis Barrett
I've always sought out an adventure and there's so many types. The aquatic kind is always a favorite and try to be around water as much as possible.

Canoe, kayak, motorboat or sailboat, snorkeling or scuba, windsurfing or just down on the dock, they are my favorite places be. If I can mix in my motorcycle into an aquatic adventure it's even more fun!

I have a small group of dirt bike friends and we try to get together on the weekends and ride at a place we call "The Port". We usually have cameras and GoPros and there's always someone that provides the entertainment that I later share on Facebook and YouTube.

The Rio Grande River in Big Bend National/State Park, the Adirondacks racing in the 90 miler, kayaking the Texas Coast, or paddling down the street on a rainy day, I've done some nice adventures but have oh so many more to do!

Some might call me an artist, I'd rather think of myself as a creative enginner. Here on South Padre Island I give sandcastle lessons when I can which is a very satisfying experience. Helping families and friends enjoy their stay here and being told that their lesson was the highlight of their vacation is priceless.