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Why be put into a box when you can go out in a handcrafted wood strip canoe?
Phoenix Boatworks
Canoe Caskets
This is my sister Geraldine Barrett, she is the person that inspired me to create these Canoe Caskets and completely change to a new career .

Gerri, as we all called her loved the Adirondacks, the water, hiking and the family lake house. We all loved watersports and as kids and youger adults used to waterski at almost any chance.

As we got older I got into more paddling and exploring the waterways near the lakehouse. New areas opened in the Adirondack and new places were to be explored. I'd drag the family out for some canoeing adventures. This would include my mom, sisters and nieces, yeah I was out numbered as the only guy and would often get "attitude" from the women. It ws more like hearding cats around! My nieces just loved Gerri and would follow her cue on whatever what happening. Try as I might for some photos Gerri's feistiness combined with her posse made photography difficult at times.

She loved cleaning up the woods around the house, picking up all the deadfall, stacking up the wood by the outdoor fireplace and enjoying campfires with the girls making marshmellows and somemores.

Gerri did like to drink, along with my sisters, and would be in the kitchen making up batches of "girly drinks" for time spent out on the sun deck and the dock. They were pretty serious about being dock lizards!

One time I let Gerri use my lightweight trail clearing tools while cutting twigs to make these oh so neat little bundles for the campfire, she was a bit of a neat freak! I told her to be careful that these tools were sharp but later that day we all heard a dreadful scream! She had nicked the end of her little pinky finger and you'd think the world was coming to an end! My brother in law Walt was on hand as we attended to the first aid. Dr. Dennis (as I refer to myself at times) ususally prescribes tequila to remedy most ailments and our patient needed a healthy dose and few of them! As the medication took hold and she felt better, and better and well much happier she proceeded to singing "Little Feat" songs out on the boat dock for all the world to hear. Yeah, she was feeling no pain at this point!

This would be one of the last times we'd remember of her up at the lakehouse and it's a time none of us will ever forget!